Engagement ring – How to choose it?

Are you thinking of asking your partner for marriage? The moment of the hand request is a key moment in the life of the couple. This is something you have been waiting for a lifetime and, therefore, you want it to be perfect. Both the hand request and the engagement ring have to be special, as it is the first step towards a life together. That is why choosing the order ring becomes an exciting experience while worrying.

Before buying the engagement ring, you have to consider several aspects: What is your partner’s style? How to know the ring size? What budget do you have? Don’t panic! In pink diamond blog we help you with our tips to choose the engagement ring with which your partner can only say “Yes, I want”.

How should an engagement ring be?

White gold, with diamonds, Original or classic design forgot all these questions and, based on the idea that the ideal engagement ring does not exist, think about your partner. How is it? At this point in your relationship, surely you know her well. Think about what lifestyle you have, what clothes and accessories you use the most, the colors you like the most. If you are a person who doesn’t like ornaments and doesn’t usually wear jewelry, you better choose a ring simple, I can go with everything. Think about the jewels that you wear the most in case you usually do it and try to make the engagement ring model you choose the same style. If you do not like golden tones and do not usually wear yellow gold jewelry, it is best to choose a white gold engagement ring.

If both your partner and you are romantic, you should ask for his hand with a diamond ring. Diamond is an indestructible mineral; hence a ring with diamond expresses the idea of ​​a promise that will never be broken, that of being “together forever until death does you part.” A diamond ring is the symbol of true love and commitment for a lifetime, if you have the budget for it, do not think twice and choose one for the hand request.

How much does an engagement ring cost?

The price of an engagement ring depends, in principle, on the material with which it is made: gold rings (white or yellow) are usually a bit more expensive, while the prices of silver rings are lower. If you want to leave your partner with his mouth open, the idea is to give him a nice ring, if possible gold, but you don’t have to spend a month’s salary on it. For 200 Euros you find precious and delicate rings, taking into account that above all, it is a promise of the future and not of the investment. As long as you have bought it with enthusiasm and offer it with the deepest feelings, your partner will like it. Yes, surely she also knows that the most expensive engagement rings in the world, from celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor or Kim Kardashian, have cost more than 7 million Euros but your partner does not expect that, quiet!